30+ career history from Staff Artist to Creative Director in print, broadcast, and multimedia: Silly to Serious

6 Years LEGO Products (Creative Director, Creative Lead, and Senior Producer for different products)
5 Years Stanford University Projects (Design/Animation/Director)

5 Years Mindscape, Inc. Games (Artist/Game Design to Creative Director)
6 Years Comedy Radio  (Writer,/Performer/Director)
10 years with design firms, ad agencies 
(freelance: Production/Copy/Art)

Partial Client List:
NASA, Zappa, Disney, PBS, ABC, MCA, IBM, California Academy of Sciences, Winterland/Bill Graham Presents...
I am presently providing freelance services and consultation.
 Operators are standing by: 512-458-4662-
This is a partial sample collection of my career from the golden age of waxers and T-squares to the digital world of tomorrow afternoon.

My first commercial art project during a high school summer job
LEGO Island
Wes Jenkins: Creative Director, Designer, and Writer
Scott Anderson: VP/Executive Producer
Dennis Goodrow: Technology Director
Dave Patch: Art Director
Paul Melmed: Education Director

As featured in BUZZFEED:

Way Before The Lego Movie, There Was Lego Island

Did you forget about the best CD-ROM game ever? Well here is a collection of Lego Island’s greatest hits that will make you nostalgic for Legos, CD-ROMs and of course, the act of throwing pizzas at a prisoner who just escaped from the town jai


Awards, Accolades, and Affirmations

LEGO Island (Creative Director)
Smithsonian Institution
Award for Innovation

Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Best Kid Title of the Year

Family PC  Award for Excellence/Top Rated Product of the Year

Children's Educational Software/Discovery School Best Educational Software

 Awards, Accolades, and Affirmations for Design

Winner of HopeLabs Contest for a Health Concept and Interactive Design competition (2009)
Winner of UniKeep Contest for a print/art cover for binders (2009)

 Staff Artist: Mario Time Machine Mario Delux, Star Wars Chess, 20th Century Almanac, Wings (Creative Director and artist), Rainbow Hoppers (Creative Director/Design, co-writer)

Computer Game Developers Spotlight Award

The Review Zone  Title of the Year

International EMMA Title of the Year

Wings:Creative Director/Designer/Head Writer

ETC. (see Resume)

CYO First Place Art Award for First Graders when I was in the first grade. Hey, It meant a lot at the time!

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Social Sciences, Art and Management

San Francisco Academy of Art University: Advertising, Illustration and Design

University of Hartford, Connecticut: Social Psychology and Mass Communication

Management classes at Stanford University

in Traditional Studio and Digital Art/Mac and PC: Photoshop, PowerPoint, Word, Office, Pen, Pencil, Dyes, Markers and...

Additionally experienced in Flash MX, Director, 3D Studio, Pagemaker, Quark, Streamline, Debabilizer, Quantel/Harry Paint-Box, D-Paint, Ani-Pro, Excel, Project, Bosch FGS 4000, Genigraphics, Symbolics and...

Trained in and Directed Production in Broadcast Video, Quicktime, After-Effects, HTML, 3D Studio/Max, audio production and

Additionally skilled in Project Management, Writing, Presentations and thinking.