I was born in 1952 and I have no reason to question that. I like to believe that I was raised by a pack of balloons but I know that's not true. What is true is that I was born in Hudson, N.Y. I then discovered that I had an older brother and two big people who seemed to like me then. As a toddler, we lived in Nassau, NY then we moved to Newburg, NY, and then we moved to Cornwall-on-Hudson.

I was a member and an actual "founder" as a 7-8 year old for the Cornwall Museum later to become the Museum of the Hudson Highlands. The older kids saw me as the mascot. We studied nature and took care of animals indigenous to the woods of upstate NY. I won an Art Award from the CYO (at 7 years old) with a big presentation at the 30 Rock. I played the kind of things that kids did in the 50's and early 60's: Football, Baseball, Bike adventures, plastic soldiers, and comic books. My Grandfather was a Pressman for Dell/Gold Key comics so I'd get stacks of "right-of-the-press" comics; Disney only not super heroes. I'd doodle in class and get hit with a ruler when I did. It was a Catholic Elementary School. I did get in a few little kid fights because that seemed to be what one had to do then. I think it's a right of passage then. I had a 1st to 5th grade girlfriend and I keep wanting to find her to this day. If Kathleen Kane of Cornwall reads this, contact me.

My parents then moved to Ridgewood, NJ and my brother and I had to come along. I was about to enter the fith grade.
As a kid, I played football, ran track (CYO award), had fun, and drew things. The teachers would always ask me to draw things on the blackboard for class. I like High School in Ridgewood, NJ. I had great friends, really liked girls, music, and art. I played Sophomore football but I had problems with running into people and hurting them and myself so I was really bad at it. I thought it was "play" but apparently it isn't. I excelled in track though and a letter jock guy but kind of a hippy too (Hey- It was the 60's.) I went to every dance and party there was. I was in the Varsity Club, Yeabook Art Director (the teacher actually did it though.), and a member of the Green Thumb Club. My summer jobs were: working in a car wash, painting curbs, stop signs on streets, and lines, and the Jersey Shore as a dish washer.

I went to Woodstock.

I graduated in 1970. I hitchhiked across the country. I worked with the Migrant Farmers for about a day or so. I arrived in a beach town where my brother lived. He graduated from USNA/Annapolis. I stayed with him in Venice, CA. Every summer afterwards I went there and stayed with him in Santa Monica. We had adventures in some great places. When I came back east,  I attended the University of Hartford, Connectict in the fall. I had a girl Friend attending Skidmore College in upstate, NY. I graduated in 1974 with a B.A in Behavior Sciences. I then went to San Francisco to attend Art School. My girlfriend, Kyle came out soon after. I graduated in 1976 with a B.F.A. and then my career began.

I worked in every possible industry in graphics. I started as a part-time go-for at Soyster and Oranschall, package design company. I was able to design a logo for Scoth Buy, a product for Safeway. Then, at the same time, I worked part time for Albert Keslers, an international import-expert company, doing their catalog in the art dept... I left after a better offer from Michael Thomas, a marketing company specializing in the high tech. world of the seventies. I was called an Art Director but in title only. They didn't pay much so they gave me a title instead.  

I then worked for Hippopotamus, Inc. where I did T-shrt design and production. I had a second job at American analysis. a Gov. Art Dept. doing clip art for catalogs. I then moved on to Wenger and Associates Advertising. I was doing Layout and production (non- digital in those days). In those days, early 70's, there were a lot of jobs available. I wanted to experience all the disciplines available. That was when you could switch jobs and get another one.

I then started a studio  for AAAA Ad agencies, corporations, and institutions with a friend of mine from Art School and my girlfriend). I learned it cost a lot of money to make money.  I applied for a job at Stanford University that I found in the newspaper. There was no online world yet. I stayed there for 6 years. I was in the Art Dept. of the Medical Center and was then promoted to head a dept. that did graphics for the Stanford Mall and  approx.500 departments. Soon affterwards, I was sent to learn the Bosch, 3D computers system where very few existed back in them ol' days. My girlfriend and I got married and drove across country. When I came back. I was then in charge of two departments: The graphics Dept. For I.T.S. and the Video Applications Labs (Art Depts) where we did animations for various purposes and organization including NASA, a PBS project (the Great Space Race) and the first MRI. One day, I got a phone call from studio in Hollywood who asked for help on a project to come down for the weekend. It was an ABC title. I asked the Producer to come with me. We decided to quit Stanford and start a buisness, After a Disney product (50th Anniversary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, our clients were Frank Zappa and various TV shows titles. Our business then got contracts at the Hoover Institute (ThinkTank), IBM, and a Stanford Professor's business. Our business needed more money because machine-rental was exhorbitant), so I moonlighted at Winterland/Bill Graham doing art and production for notable bands and MCA. I met a lot of great people and celebrities. Our business folded when my partner divorced her husband. At that time, I had a part time job that lead into a full time job at Winterland/Bill Graham Presents . I had a comedy radio show on the week-ends for 6 years. I then worked for the California Academy of Sciences. As you could probably tell, I worked all of the time. I then gravitated to Video games; working on Mario, Star War chess, and a lot of games as an artist.. I then became the Creative Director for a Lego product.  I wrote, designed, radio ads, comic book, exhibit design, and coordinated a TV ad. studio direction for voices, music, and designed a Lego mini-fig. that they made in plastic.  I hired voices, music and studio direction. I was then hired by Sierra, Inc as the Director of Creative Services. It was a terrible experience because I was use to a friendly team. Sierra argued a lot. I was  then approached by Lego to be a Creative Lead and Senior producer. I loved it. I had an injury that kept me bedridden for about 6 months!! I couldn't fly to London and Denmark anymore...so I accepted a job in Austin, Texas at Neil Bush's company. After a year, he downsized. Then I had a few surgeries...I'm recovered, unemployed and seeking freelance. I am presently writing some novels and hunting down some literary agents now. I'm a workoholic but I like fun and people an awful lot.

Bergen County Record- High School Kid cartoons