Wes Jenkins

Years with Lego Products 
5 Years with Stanford University Projects
5 years with Mindscape, Inc. Games
6 years with Comedy Radio Shows
10 years with Design Firms, Ad Agencies and other...


NASA, Zappa, Disney, PBS, ABC, MCA, IBM, California Academy of Sciences, Winterland/Bill Graham Presents...


Presently freelancing (partial client list) and working on several self-publishing projects

Partial client list from 2001-2011

    • LEGO Media, London, UK
      Script writing/stories and character development for future multimedia products and broadcast purposes including LEGO Island II.
    • Delaplaine Creative, Corte Madera, California
      Creative Director, Writer, Designer for CD ROM/Web based products: WINGS: an age appropriate, skill specific, thoroughly tested, measurably proven, content learning product that is just downright fun for kids. Research indicates that the cognitive and language skills for children ages 3 to 6 increase by 300% after 6 months of product use. Also contributed to the development of TIVY, an E-learning math program K to 12.
    • HopeLabs: Concept/design proposal for Interactive product for hospitalized kids with cancer
    • Shoot the Moon in Pleasanton, California for Fisher-Price, Inc. East Aurora, NY
      Interactive Book concept and content design, Rough comps and the creative collaboration.
    • Critical Mass Interactive: Concept Development and Product Proposals to 3rd party Publishers
    • Versaly Games: Digital Designs and Photoshop Illustrations for wireless applications and screen savers 
    • David Rapaport, Ph.D. Booklets and brochures design
    • IBM/Tivoli Software: Flash MX production for web based training
    • Merit Industries: Wholesale advertising layout/design
    • Austin Community College: Occasional guest speaker
    • Tremendous Graphics for Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt Designs

Product Designer/Core Design Team for IGNITE! LEARNING, Inc.
Start-up Multimedia/on-line courseware product line for Middle Schools. Neil Bush, CEO/ 11044 Research Boulevard, Austin, Texas. Responsibilities included, but were not limited to the concept and content co-development, co-direction of media pieces, collaboration with cross disciplines, creation of a Product Style Guide, presentations, storyboards and the co-design of a compelling, audience appropriate and state-standardized Earth Science E-Learning Courseware. I also provided analysis, evaluation and feedback for the History Courseware followed by suggestions, recommendations and proposals for product improvements and enhancements. Company downsized.


Senior Producer/Creative Lead with LEGO Media International, Colet Court, 100 Hammersmith Road, London, UK. Additional headquarters in Billund, Denmark and Enfield Connecticut. Concept and Content Development, Character, story and product development, writing, presentations, proposals, Management and mentoring of outside developers and vendors, co-founded the Learning Range, extensive world travel, global focus testing and analysis, meeting and consultations with several LEGO departments, Outside studios/vendors, the BBC and MIT Media Labs, Active  member of the global future concept development team. Products included LEGO Island II, My Style Kindergarten and MY Style Pre School and various product proposals, stories and character developments. I loved every moment with LEGO (seriously, I did.) Surgery prevented my pond-hopping. I was made redundant. I telecommuted for several months until flying overseas was critical.

Director of Creative Services with Sierra On-Line in Bellevue,WA, 6 month Administrative role with a company and affiliates in flux; emphasis on ROIs, reimaging, reorganizing, 3E trade show and
refereeing inhouse squabbles. I left due to a much more employee-friendly environment with LEGO


 Creative Director with Mindscape, Inc, Novato, California. Concept, content, writing, presentations, proposals, management and mentoring, talent casting, studio talent direction, voice overs, off-line and on-line art, animation and design, client pitches, Focus testing,Design Documents, Style Guides and video demos. Started as an artist in '92, promoted to Art Director/Team Lead and left as a Creative Director in '97-98. Products included: LEGO Island, 20th Century Almanac, Mario's Missing, Mario's Time Machine , Mario's City Deluxe, Star Wars Chess. Thunder in Paradise, Peter Rabbit's Math Garden and several product proposals. In addition wrote a 60 second radio ad for LEGO Island on Disney Radio, collaborated with ad agency on broadcast ads, sell-sheets and roughs for packaging designs and print ads.

Executive Producer, Director, Writer and AFTRA Performer
Radio Shorts, San Francisco, California
A weekly, half-hour comedy radio show. Radio Shorts is an honored inductee
in the Museum of Radio and Television, NY. Aired: WCBS in Cleveland, Ohio, KUSF in San Francisco, California. Selected shows have aired in NY (Hofstra University), Dallas,Texas (Hour of Slack), Berkeley and Belgium. I put it together on evenings & weekends with a talent staff of approximately 30.

Art Director, Artist/Exhibits

California Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park,
San Francisco, California
Creating posters, merchandise, brochures, banners, Junior Academy Activity Books and exhibit art for 11 departments and the Academy Store plus the management of the print artist staff. Great fun, great people and coffee breaks with penguins was a genuine perk!

Creative Director and Business Partner
Five Star Ranch, Pescadero, California
Entrepreneurial and   General Partnership effort. 3D animation, storyboards, slide shows, digital art and concept development.
Partial Client List: IBM, Pacific Video, Stanford Medical Center, Hoover
Institution, SRI, Disney Productions, Mixed FX,   ABC and Frank Zappa's Intercontinental Absurdities.

Staff Artist
Moonlighting position while managing a start up computer animation and graphics service (Five Star Ranch)
Winterland/Bill Graham Presents, San Francisco, California
Creating silkscreen art and production for major retail outlets, MCA and Bill Graham Presents
. At work and through various outside contacts during this time, I was fortunate to have met and/or worked with musicians and artists

Art Director/Graphic Artist III
Stanford University, Stanford, California
Information Technology Services, Video Applications Laboratory, Stanford Medical Center, Hoover Institution, the Stanford Press and many affiliate programs such as NASA, SRI, PBS, The National Commission on Space and the Computer Graphics Consortium. Responsibilities included, but were not limited to, the co-management and co- development of Stanford's computer graphics department in print and in animation. Duties also included Illustrations for over 500 technical journals, brochure designs, slide presentations, exhibit design and production.

Partner/ Creative Director/Artist
Art Services For Marketing, San Francisco, California
A three-person art team providing agency support in design, production,
storyboarding, Illustration, concept development and copy writing.
Partial Client List: Elektra Asylum, J. Walter Thompson, Ketchum Advertising, Taylor Teevan Advertising, Chevron, USF, many Bay Area Bands and many small businesses in the Bay Area.

Education Social Sciences, Art and Management

BFA San Francisco Academy of Art University: Advertising, Illustration and Design

BA University of Hartford, Connecticut: Social Psychology and Mass Communication

Management classes at Stanford University

Skilled in Traditional Studio and Digital Art/Mac and PC: Photoshop, PowerPoint, Word, Office, Pen, Pencil, Dyes, Markers and...

Additionally experienced in Flash MX, Director, 3D Studio, Pagemaker, Quark, Streamline, Debabilizer, Quantel/Harry Paint-Box, D-Paint, Ani-Pro, Excel, Project, Bosch FGS 4000, Genigraphics, Symbolics and...

Trained in and Directed Production in Broadcast Video, Quicktime, After-Effects, HTML, 3D Studio/Max, audio production and

Additionally skilled in Project Management, Writing, Presentations and thinking.

Message Repeat: Professional Strengths  in Creative Direction, Concept and Content Development, Graphics, Illustration, Color Logic, Proposals, Presentations, Procedures, Strategy, Focus Testing and Marketing Data Analysis, Team Building and Mentoring, Collaboration and Cooperation, Intuitive Interface Design and Navigation, Flow Charts, Storyboarding, Story and Character Development, Sound FX, Voice-Over, Humor and Humanism, Scheduling and Budget, ROI, Review and Critiquing, Talent Casting and Studio Direction, Audience Empathy, Verbal, Written, Visual and Leadership Skills, Enthusiasm and Dedication, a Sense of Fun and Passion, Appreciation for and Respectful of Talent, Diversity, the Creative Process, User Centered Usability, Serendipity and Planning, Transferable Skills with the ability to see the Big Picture and a genuine commitment to excellence with loyalty to the team, the product and most importantly, the audience.


Questions, references, stories, cartoons, and corny jokes happily available upon request